What to Bring 

-firm ground cleats, soft ground cleats, indoors, runners, flip flops/non-soccer footwear

-linens, pillow

-toiletries, towel

- fan (No A/C)

-training gear for 4 days of multiple sessions

-alarm clock

-shin guards

- Water Bottle (coolers at every field)

-sunblock, bug spray

What NOT to Bring 

we do not recommend bringing any of the following

-laptop comupters

-iPad, iPod

-video gaming systems, tv's

-mini fridges

-spending money

Food During Camp 

All meals are served in the cafeteria at the Portsmouth Abbey School and we run a snack shop during the week.  The Snack shop is open between sessions and after the evening games.  We have Gatorades, cereal bars, chips, and candy which will all be available to the campers.  For this we run on a snack card system which can be purchased during check in on the first day.  Each snack card is worth $10 and the amount is subtracted from the card throughout the week.  We also have a pizza night on the last night of camp, which will be the 27th, and that order can be done during check in as well.  All of these measures are in place to avoid campers having to hold money with the while at camp.